@DaniLMebius The G-Drive ev ATC has a 3 year warranty. You can get a replacement for your ATC case by creating an R…
@GTechnologyEUR @Lord_Bird You may need to click on Options and ensure that "Share files and folders using SMB" is enabled
@GTechnologyEUR @Lord_Bird Hi @Lord_Bird to access files over your LAN, you would have to set it up in the Sharing…
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Warranty - Frequently Asked Questions

G-Technology Warranty - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How to replace a G-Technology product?

G-Technology Consumers and Resellers have two options for in-warranty replacement of defective products.

  1. Return the product to the place of purchase for a replacement or refund (This will depend on the terms and conditions of your reseller
    or distributor)
  2. Return directly to G-Technology for replacement product. You can fill out the RMA form at

Q: How do I package my hard drive to return to G-Technology?

See our Packaging Instructions section.

Q: Does G-Technology provide Data Recovery Services?

G-Technology is not able to provide data recovery services, however, please see our Data Recovery Policy for service offerings.

Q: Will I be receiving the same product in return?

You will NOT receive your original product back, but rather a replacement unit with the balance of the warranty period or 90 days, whichever is greater. All data on your returned drive(s) will be lost
and any Data Recovery service must be completed before requesting a RMA from G-Technology. For more information about your Limited Warranty, please click here.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

The customer is responsible for shipping costs when shipping their defective hard drive to G-Technology. G-Technology will pay the shipping costs when shipping a replacement to the customer.

Q: When will G-Technology ship my replacement?

If product is available, your replacement product(s) will ship within 2 business days after the receipt of your defective product(s). You can expect your replacement product(s) to arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Please be aware that you may experience a delay in receiving your replacement product based on stock availability.

Q: G-Technology has already signed for my returned product(s). Why is the status still “not received”?

This occurs when the drives are physically received at our collection centers but have not been validated against your RMA.
G-Technology will generally process drives as “received” within two
business days of receipt. However, if there are any issues with the RMA, receipt will be delayed and you may be contacted.

If you have questions or need additional information, please Contact Support.

Q: Why was there a bill included with my replacement product(s)?

The paperwork that is included with the replacement drive(s) is not a bill; it is called a Pro-forma Invoice. A Pro-forma Invoice may be required for customs purposes only when a product is being
imported into your country. There is no payment required for the replacement drive you received.